Flame Charge Thermoelectric Generator:

Harnessing heat to generate power, the Flame Charge operates seamlessly with no moving parts. Its innovative thermoelectric design ensures longevity and reliability, making it an essential tool for diverse energy needs.

Peltier elements are semiconductor devices that generate electricity when a temperature difference is applied across them. Utilizing the Seebeck effect, they convert heat energy directly into electrical power, providing a silent, reliable, and maintenance-free solution for power generation without any moving parts.

The FlameCharge is still in development, therefore we are only offering a sneak peak of the product

Technical goals:


Weight : 2 kg (Including all accessories,)

Length : 450mm

Width : 100mm

Height : 40mm

Material : Aluminum heatsink, Peltier electric generators, mini submersible waterpump

Projected output features


Projected  power output: 30-80w 12V

Projected output port formats: USB, 12VDC (others on demand)

Proposed features: fast startup, hot swappable, heat transport.