Innovation Meets Necessity

Our pioneering field kitchen, equipped with a state-of-the-art thermoelectric generator, isn’t just a product – it’s a promise. By harnessing the power of technology and innovation, we’re committed to bringing warmth and sustenance to those who need it most, from global defense teams to remote communities.

Cooking Up a Change

We recognize the pressing challenges that many third-world communities face, particularly in accessing reliable, safe, and efficient cooking solutions. With our thermoelectric field kitchens, we’re striving to bridge this gap, ensuring more families can cook meals without smoke, with reduced fuel, and in a sustainable manner.

Reliability in Every Unit

Our products reflect our core principles: standardization for consistency, affordability for accessibility, and sturdiness for longevity. We’re proud to deliver solutions that are not only innovative but also durable and cost-effective, ensuring they serve communities for years to come.

WWF and its partners are working on the development of a program to translocate Javan rhinos from Ujung Kulon National Park to establish a new herd in other suitable habitat in Indonesia.
A Long Walk to Water has electrified young readers across the country and inspired many of them to raise money to build more wells in South Sudan. To date, the efforts of children have raised more than $1 million for projects.