Versatility, Rugged, Mobile

Engineered for versatility in the toughest terrains, the Fire Core Tactical serves as a robust field kitchen with added water heating for radiators. Integrated with our FlameCharge thermoelectric generator port, it brilliantly transforms into a sack truck for optimal mobility, making it an indispensable asset for dynamic tactical operations.

FCS Fieldtest 2023SEP30 - Revision 04

FCS Foodtray: Designed to align with the EN 631 Gastronorm specifications, our tray is tailored for the GN½ sizes and its divisible counterparts, ensuring seamless integration into industrial kitchen systems

It is functional, compatible with NATO’s logistical framework, reliable, and so affordable that ample stock can be maintained

Technical Specifications :


Weight : 21,5 kG (Including all accessories, as shown on picture above)

Length : 450mm

Width : 300mm

Height : 400mm

Material : Steel – S235JR/S240

An inside look of the FCS Revision 04.