The FireCore Rural combines simplicity with sustainability.

Imagine segments making an onion shape, easily crafted in even the most rudimentary metal workshops. These segments, once at the designated location, seamlessly come together with bolts to form the core structure.

It’s then covered with an insulative blend of locally-sourced materials of mud, sand, clay, straw, and fibers. Drawing from the semispherical efficiency known from traditional ovens, this design ensures consistent airflow and even heating.

Perfectly compatible with our FlameCharge TEG, this unit offers flexibility, running efficiently on both wood and natural gas. A design rooted in accessibility, but with a vision of sustainable modernity.

The Semispherical Oven: A Blend of Tradition and Practicality

The semispherical oven, often reminiscent of traditional pizza ovens, isn’t just a nod to historical cooking techniques. Its curved structure offers a range of practical benefits. The design promotes even air circulation, allowing for consistent temperatures throughout. This uniformity of heat ensures evenly cooked dishes and efficient fuel consumption. Additionally, its compact form minimizes heat loss, further conserving energy.

Beyond the technical advantages, the semisphere shape also facilitates natural chimney effects, aiding in better smoke ventilation. Combining age-old wisdom with modern needs, the semispherical oven stands as a testament to design-driven functionality.

When we design our FireCore products, we emphasize that every design is always a compromise between heat production, food production and lastly extras like electricity. We work with the customer to optimise each design to best fit the user-case.


Other important design parameters are, price, shape, mobility, production method and place.

each adds a layer of requirements to the final design proposal.